Some useful tips to grow your superannuation

27 June

Retirement is a period most people eagerly anticipate. It’s that wonderful stage of life when you can finally unwind and spend your time as you please. You can even spend retirement focusing on the businesses you’ve been planning and have put...[Read More]

Maximize Your Tax Savings with a Strategic Superannuation Contribution

6 June

In the current financial landscape, it's essential to make smart financial decisions to optimize your tax savings and enhance your retirement savings. At Leading Advice, we recommend making a strategic personal deductible contribution to your...[Read More]

Turning 60 in 2024/25?

6 June

Here’s what you need to know Your preservation age is the age you can start to access your super. It’s between 55 and 60, depending on when you were born. So, if you’re born after 1 July 1964 and you’re turning 60 in the 2024/25 financial...[Read More]

Remembering Geoff Henry: A Tribute to the Heart of Our Business

2 May

We bid a heartfelt farewell to Geoff Henry, beloved father of Katrina and the bedrock of our business. Geoff's unwavering presence has been the very foundation upon which we've built our enterprise. His warmth, wisdom, and dedication have left an...[Read More]

Setting Sail: Genene Wilson’s Transformative Speaking Tour in Indonesia 

2 May

Genene Wilson, your ‘cruising’ adviser from Leading Advice, has recently returned from a transformative speaking tour in Indonesia. During her tour, Genene engaged with over 400 attendees across five enlightening sessions. Her topics...[Read More]

Our client has recently had a claim worth $1.3m approved for a stroke in Nov ’18. Don’t underestimate your insurance policies!

2 May

John's journey is a testament to the transformative potential of understanding and maximizing insurance benefits. A dedicated plumber, John had diligently paid premiums on his trauma insurance policy for over a decade, never fully comprehending its...[Read More]

Incredible milestone: Our client’s $1 million claim is in progress

4 April

As a financial advisor, I've had the privilege of witnessing first-hand the transformative power of understanding and maximizing insurance benefits in the lives of my clients. Take John, for example, a 45-year-old plumber who has been with us for...[Read More]

Changes to tax cuts from 1 July 2024

1 March

The 'Stage 3 tax cuts' had already been legislated and were set to take effect on July 1, 2024. However, recent amendments to the scheduled tax cuts alter some personal income tax rates and the income brackets to which certain tax rates apply....[Read More]

Protect what you have

4 January

People strive hard to accomplish a variety of goals during their lifetime, although there’s nothing more significant than being able to spend quality time in the company of family, friends and loved ones. Indeed, investing in relationships gives...[Read More]

19 Tips for your best life after retirement

21 December

Have you ever thought about life after retirement? If you have, you most likely think about the best things in life: a happy family, good health and wealth. The only way to make this dream retirement a reality is to have the right retirement...[Read More]

Her Wealth Builder: The Things That I Will Achieve: A Journey to a Fulfilling Life

6 November

In the intricate tapestry of life, our dreams and aspirations serve as the vibrant threads that, when skillfully woven together, craft a rich and purposeful existence. It's essential to recognize that the complexity of life can sometimes obscure our...[Read More]

Farmland most ‘tightly held’ it’s been in a generation

18 October

Australian farmland is more tightly held than it has been for a generation and prospective buyers are carefully reassessing purchasing decisions, according to a new report. The Rural Bank Australian Farmland Values Report is the longest-running...[Read More]

Genene in the community

29 August

Earlier this month Genene was invited on board a cruise of Vanuatu to present and educate the cruise guests. Over the duration of the cruise Genene presented four presentations on: 1. Why isn’t money making me happy? Learnings from a...[Read More]

Final Aust coin featuring Queen released

14 December

Since ascending to the throne in 1952, six portraits of Queen Elizabeth II have appeared on the back of Australian coins. But next year, a new design featuring the late monarch will be released for the final time. Nearly three months after her death...[Read More]

KnowHow – Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

7 November

The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card may provide a range of benefits and concessions to people who have reached Age Pension age, but don’t qualify for an income support payment. A recent change to the income limit could mean that you’re...[Read More]