From Staycations to Coastal Retreats: Our Festive Journeys



As we enter a new year, we extend a warm welcome to you, dear reader. Looking back at the recent celebrations, we are filled with gratitude for the cherished memories of joy and companionship shared with our loved ones. The festivities of the holiday season fostered a sense of togetherness and gave us a much-needed break from the monotony of daily life, allowing us to embark on exciting adventures.

Genene’s Staycation Spectacular:

Genene opted for a serene staycation this holiday season, gearing up for her upcoming speaking tours in April and July. She soaked in the festive cheer with her family in the picturesque Hawkesbury region on Christmas Day. To ring in the New Year, she enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere of Potts Point alongside her extended family, relishing the company and the dazzling fireworks display.

Gerard & Katrina’s Coastal Escape:

Gerard and Katrina made the most of the holiday season with their delightful family, indulging in beach days, tranquil sunrise walks, and thrilling fishing adventures. From beach 4-wheel driving to kayaking, they savoured every moment of their coastal getaway. With their two lovely daughters, Grace and Lillian, by their side, the summer became a cherished time for creating lasting memories and strengthening family bonds.

Tim’s Rural Retreat:

Tim and his family celebrated Christmas amidst the tranquillity of their countryside property, surrounded by the warmth of loved ones. The highlight of their festive season? The recent addition of a sparkling new swimming pool, which inspired one adventurous son to use the excavator as an impromptu diving board! Amidst laughter and joy, they embraced the simple pleasures of rural life and family togetherness.

As we embark on the journey that is 2024, let’s carry forward the spirit of camaraderie, adventure, and cherished moments shared with loved ones. Here’s to a year filled with new experiences, memorable adventures, and meaningful connections!


Warmest wishes for a fantastic year ahead,

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