Setting Sail: Genene Wilson’s Transformative Speaking Tour in IndonesiaĀ 

Genene Wilson, your ā€˜cruisingā€™ adviser from Leading Advice, has recently returned from a transformative speaking tour in Indonesia. During her tour, Genene engaged with over 400 attendees across five enlightening sessions. Her topics included:


  • Balancing Work and Family
  • Investing with Confidence
  • Money Makeover: 52 Ways to Build a Better Life and Relationship with Money in One Year
  • Overcoming Nerves to Build a Thriving Business as an Entrepreneur
  • Living Without Regret and Creating a Legacy



We are thrilled to announce Ester Thomson as the fortunate winner of our exclusive competition. Congratulations, Ester! We are excited for you to delve into your prize pack, which includes a curated selection of books, relaxation and spa items. Additionally, we look forward to supporting your journey through our upcoming coaching and accountability calls.


For those who requested e-books, rest assured that we are preparing to distribute them shortly. Thank you for your enthusiastic participation and for joining us on this inspiring journey of growth and empowerment.


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